Sleep Meetings at home and abroad

Please find below a list of up and coming sleep meetings and events. Each year the society grants a number of bursaries to the value of €700. To apply for a bursary you must first be a paid up member of the society. Successful applicants will be required to write a reflective piece of work on the course/meeting attended (between 500- 2,000 words) for the ISS website or to present at the AGM. This must be received by the ISS committee no later than 6 weeks following the course/meeting. Further details regarding the bursary can be found on the application form – here

15th - 19th September 2018

ERS Conference Paris, France https://erscongress.org/

25th - 28th September 2018

Congress of ESRS Basil, Switzerland https://www.esrs.eu/conferences-events/esrs-congresses-events.html

30th January - 1st February 2019

ARTP Conference Glasgow, Scotland http://www.artp.org.uk/en/meetings/artp-annual-conference- 2019/index.cfm

11th -13th April 2019

Sleep and Breathing Marseille, France https://www.esrs.eu/conferences-events/esrs-congresses-events.html

20th - 25th September 2019

World Sleep 2019 Vancouver, Canada http://worldsleepsociety.org/worldsleepcongress/worldsleep2019/
“Please check back to this page regularily for information and updates regarding forthcoming meetings.” Irish Sleep Society
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